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Japanese out of the flying pan!

Flying trays that carry food to diners across a busy restaurant may sound a recipe for disaster.

But as catering gimmicks go, it has the edge on serving the food on bread boards or dishing up sorbets between courses.

The iTray – controlled by an iPad – is being trialled by staff at YO! Sushi in Soho, central

It brings the food to the table piping hot at 25mph, while the waiter gets on with preparing the next order for take-off.

Source: Flying Sushi - Metro UK

The Remember Ring Won’t Let You Forget Another Anniversary Again

The Remember Ring is a concept wedding ring that heats up 24 hours before the big day, letting you know it’s time to prepare a nice surprise for the wife.

Are you mad at yourself for never being able to remember your wedding anniversary? Do you wish that just once you could do something nice for your partner on your important day? You’re in luck, because you’d have to be suffering from Alzheimer’s not to remember it with the aptly named Remember Ring from Alaska Jewelry.

The useful accessory looks like an ordinary wedding ring but is fitted with Hot Spot technology that makes it heat up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit on the day before the anniversary, making it impossible to ignore by the wearer. Every hour, the gadget gets hotter and hotter for 10 seconds, until it reaches peak temperature, reminding you the big days is just around the corner.

The Remember Ring is fitted with a battery-charged micro-chip clock that converts the heat from your hand into electricity, which means it will never run out of power. “Using a micro thermopile, The Remember Ring converts the heat from your hand into electricity, keeping the battery charged and microchip clock running perpetually,” its makers say.


Source: Remember Ring - Oddity Central

Chinese student staged her own funeral because she wanted to ‘enjoy it’

Some people are said to be so poor at punctuality that they’d be late for their own funeral – but not Chinese student Zeng Jia, who staged her own service because she wanted to be alive so she could ‘enjoy it’.

The 22-year-old forked out a princely sum for the coffin alone, decorating it with row after row of flowers.

She also paid for a photographer and a team of make-up artists to make her appear more ‘dead’ as she lay in the casket with her favourite doll on her chest.

After an hour lying in state as mourners eulogised about her, surrounded by origami doves hung from the ceiling, Zeng, from Wuhan in Hubei province, arose to join the mourners at her wake.

‘It struck me that people spend all that time and effort on someone when they are gone and they cannot appreciate it,’ she said.

‘I wanted to see what people would think of me so I decided to hold my funeral while I could enjoy it.

‘Experiencing death has made me appreciate life more keenly.

‘I feel so good living after coming out of the coffin.’

Zeng apparently came up with the idea after attending her grandfather’s funeral recently and invited friends and family to witness her own.

Source: Metro News UK - Staged Funeral

Bon Appétit! London Public Toilet Gets Converted Into Gourmet Snack Bar

If you enjoy eating in the bathroom, you have to check out the Attendant Cafe, in London. Formerly a 19th century public restroom, the underground venue has recently been converted into a gourmet sandwich shop, but retains many of its original decors, including the urinals…

Rising property prices in London are becoming a big problem for would-be homeowners and businesses looking for commercial spaces. But for the few people who can see beyond the smelly history of the city’s abandoned public toilets, converting them into quirky restaurants and bars is proving to be a very cost-effective alternative.

One such bold entrepreneur is Peter Tomlinson, who invested most of his savings into turning a 19th century men’s restroom on Foley Street into the Attendant snack bar.

Don’t worry, it smells a lot better than it sounds, but patrons looking to enjoy a gourmet sandwich and a hot cup of coffee in this place might be a bit put off by some of the decor elements. For example, the old porcelain urinals have been re-purposed as table tops, so you’re basically enjoying your meals in the exact same place where Londoners used to…well, I wouldn’t want to spoil your appetite.

Source: Oddity Central - Toilet Snack Bar

Crusty Heirloom That’s A Real Slice Of Family’s Past


Many people like to pass on musty furniture, treasured jewellery or faded photographs as heirlooms. But a former prisoner’s grandson has a particularly crusty slice of the past – a bread roll that dates back to 1899.

Terry O’Kelly, 92, is the proud owner of the roll, which is kept in a glass case.

It was handed to his grandfather, Joseph Harrison, on his release from Wandsworth Prison in south London.

Mr Harrison served 14 days for failing to pay a fine after he refused to have his two daughters inoculated against smallpox and kept the roll as a reminder.

Mr O’Kelly, from Abinger, Surrey, said his grandfather would often get the roll out of a brown paper bag and show it to other family members. ‘He was very proud of it, although he never spoke about his time in prison. All his life he was involved with the anti-vaccination campaign,’ he added.

Asked if he had taken a bite, Mr O’Kelly said: ‘Oh no, it’s hard as a rock.’

Source: Metro News UK - Crusty Historical Bread Roll

I am the best bar none, says jobseeker


Desperate jobseeker Nick Begley was sick of getting rejections using his conventional CV. So he turned it into a chocolate bar label.

He headlined it: ‘Credentials that will satisfy any organisation’s appetite’, and, not wishing to undersell himself, added that he offered ’100 per cent daily value in leadership, creativity and business acumen’.

He wrapped the CV around a Nestlé Crunch bar and it worked.

The MBA student was offered a marketing job with New York-based Sportsvite.

‘I knew I had to stand out from other applications,’ said Mr Begley, 32, from New York state.

His CV went viral after friend Eli Langer posted a photo of the wrapper on to Reddit, where it has acquired more than 3,000 comments.

Mr Begley added to ABC News: ‘People are either going to love it or hate it. My focus was to find an organization that would embrace it because if they weren’t open to that kind of out-of-the-box thinking, that wouldn’t be a company that I would fit in well with anyways.’

Source: Metro News UK - Chocolate Bar CV

Great job… but you spent £20k doing up the wrong flat

A homebuyer spent £20,000 doing up an apartment – before learning the place he’d bought was the empty shell across the hall.

Gui Lizhong was sold flat 4-2 in a new development in Chongqing, China before the numbers were on the doors.

He only realised he had mistakenly decorated 4-1 when Long Nengyun turned up and produced paperwork showing he was the owner.

‘Why are you staying here? I bought this house in 2011,’ Mr Long reportedly said when he arrived.

The mistake may have arose after a saleswoman twice took Mr Lizhong to view the apartment.

‘I viewed the house twice before I signed the contract,’ Gui said.

‘The property agent showed me this particular unit.’

The saleswoman denied this version of events and insisted she had shown him the right property.

Any hope the unfortunate man could keep his new apartment were dashed after Mr Long refused to exchange the homes.

Source: Metro News UK - Wrong Flat Design

Sleep as a Hobo at Sweden’s Homeless Experience Hotel

It costs money to be homeless in Sweden. Well, only for a night though, at the Faktum Hotels. Located in Gothenburg, the hotel has no rooms but instead offers the complete homeless experience.

Once you make a booking online, the hotel will lead you to a pre-determined place where the real homeless might spend their nights, one of 10 extraordinary locations they’ve handpicked for their guests.

A ‘room’ at the Faktum Hotels costs $10 a night and customers are free to choose their location from 10 options, including a spot under a bridge, in a derelict factory, a park bench, in forests, or even under seats at a football stadium. High quality images of all these places are available on the hotel website that actually make the experience look tempting.

But guests can take a look at the location and then choose whether to spend the night there or not. Either way, they do have to pay up and the revenues earned by Faktum Hotels are used to support the charity works of Faktum Magazine, a publication sold by people without a home. The actual purpose of the hotel project is to raise awareness about the plight of the 3400-odd homeless people of Gothenburg, who are often forced to face harsh Scandinavian winters out in the open.

Source: Architizer - Homeless Hotel Experience